Custom framed portraits

In this category you can find a variety of styles and size options for pet portraits, from classic realistic portraits and caricatures to modern digital artwork.

We are a team of talented artists working in different artistic styles.
Give your furry lover a place of honor with an absolutely one of a kind portrait.
Our digital artists will draw an incredibly realistic masterpiece based on a photo of your furry lover. Upload a photo, we'll take care of the rest.

Turn your puppy's photo into a work of art.

Personalized portraits | Buba and Mac The pet lovers shop
  • Nobility Portraits
    <p>Transform your beloved pet’s photo in an incredible realistic historic portrait. Treasure your pet’s memory for s lifetime with an amazing and everlasting master piece.</p> <p>Your portrait will be printed in a canvas of the most high quality, exactly like the ones famous painters use in their paintings!</p> <p>We use exclusively high-quality canvas, created for a HD digital printing, placed on an embedded wood frame with tension tabs for an artistic printing of the most high quality that highlights the portrait’s colors and guarantees an extraordinary result, of great quality and long lasting.<br /><br /><br /></p>
  • Artistic portraits
    <p>Transform your furry friend into art on a modern and funny portrait, it’s one of a kind. Upload a photo, choose one of our incredible artistic styles and let the rest to us.<br /> Cherish the memory of your pet for your whole life with a lasting and amazing artwork.</p> <p>Your portrait will be printed on premium photographic paper of the highest quality.<br /> Our photographic paper Premium Glossy 150 gr. allows to obtain a high definition print with glossy coating and long-lasting colors.<br /><br /><br /></p>
  • custom prints
    <p><span style="font-size:11px;">A photo, a silhouette or a drawing that talks about your four legged friend: the Buba &amp; Mac® customized prints are portraits to customize with the name, dates or characteristics that better describe your dog. </span></p> <p><span style="font-size:11px;">Ideal as a gift, to hang at home or at the office as a reminder that there is always someone wagging his/her tail waiting for you. Choose your frame’s dimensions and the color that better adapts to your likings.</span></p>

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The first in the high command hierarchy is without a doubt the one that also occupies the first place in your heart: receive your four legged friend's portrait with a golden frame ready to be placed in that special corner of your home.

The Major

Price €68.00

Whisper the love for your dog by hanging their line art portrait in your house:

lines that flow over a white background and a touch of delicate color to create your four-legged friend image in a completely artistic and original manner.

Choose your frame’s dimensions.

Line art portrait

Price €59.00

Like an experienced soldier, your little furry friend is surely a veteran in demanding cuddles and kibbles with his sweet eyes, and you won’t be able to resist it!

Make him a high-range veteran with this splendid portrait and he will steel your heart every time you look at it.

The Veteran

Price €68.00

Without doubt this will be the best way to immortalize your furry pet. It’s a completely original and customized work made by a digital graphic artist with a colorful and modern style and especially capturing your pups essence in each line.

Obtain one of our watercolor style printings of your furry pet created by our talented graphic designers.

Choose your frame dimensions, add the name if you wish.

portrait watercolor style

Price €59.00

WPAP Art portraits.
WPAP is a unique and modern form of digital art. WPAP stands for Wedha's Pop Art Portrait.
Wedha Abdul Rashid is a notorious Indonesian illustrator who began his brilliant artistic career in the 70’s.

During the last decade, the style has become popular among artists from all over the world.
Obtain one of our artistic WPAP Art printings of your furry pet created by our talented graphic designers.
Choose your frame’s dimensions, add the name and if you wish the background color.

WPAP Art portrait

Price €59.00

Andy Warhol is an American photographer who created the “Pop Art” movement in the 60’s. He became famous worldwide for his four portraits in two tones of Marilyn Monroe, playing with a strong contrast of colors.

Obtain the Pop Art portrait of your furry love with one of our printings created by our talented graphic designers. Choose your frame’s dimensions.

Pop Art portrait

Price €59.00