Animal urns

Your little friend was unique and special.

Animals are our companions and the walk the path of life with us.

Indeed they are members of our family and they give us unconditional love during all their existence.

Only those who have had and loved an animal profoundly know how painful their loss is.

The urns for pets are an ideal option to maintain the sweet memory of our little friends always near to our heart.

A special way of showing all our love to those who have given us such moments of happiness, to celebrate a profound link, unique and unforgettable when giving a last precious home to our most loyal friend.

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The cinerary urn with the small statue of a Husky is perfect for storing the ashes of your friend who is no longer with you. Remember fondly the best moments you lived with him/her and keep him/her by your side forever.

Miniature Husky urn in ceramic

Price €240.00

You will never forget the good times you spent with your puppy, the walks and the games. Preserve all the moments of happiness with the ashes of your Yorkshire Terrier in this beautiful box decorated with your dog's representation.

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier...

Price €240.00

The last love gesture towards your dog is to keep his/her ashes forever as a reminder of the thousand adventures lived together. The wooden funeral urn with the figure of the Bernese Mountain Dog will become a symbol of affection and comfort for you.

Miniature Bernese Mountain...

Price €240.00

Cinerary urn finely decorated with a miniature French Bulldog to preserve the ashes and the best memories lived with your furry friend in a very special way.

Miniature French Bulldog...

Price €240.00

His/her favorite game, his/her bed, his/her empty bowl… everything reminds you of your four-legged friend. Keep the memory of the happy moments alive and receive the ashes of your Boxer in a funeral urn that represents him/her and keep him/her forever in 'his/her' home.

Miniature Boxer urn in ceramic

Price €240.00