What materials are used for the customized frames?
All our paintings are printed in artistic paper of high quality: Natural cotton canvas with fine grain ripstop fibers of 360 grs. Premium photographic paper 150 grs.

What sizes do you offer?
We have the following sizes:

  1. Nobility portrait 30x40 cm
  2. Digital frames 20x30 cm / 30x40 cm / 50x70 cm
  3. Customized frames 20x30 cm / 13x18 cm

Can I have more than one pet per frame?
For the moment this is not possible, but we are working on creating new formats on which it will be possible to have 2 or 3 dogs in a single frame. Subscribe to our newsletter to know when the new formats will be available.

How do I know if the photo I want to upload is of good quality?
Good question: I fundamental thing to remember is that the largest the image is, the better the quality will be when we print it. However, if we decide that the image doesn’t have good quality, we will ask for another one.
Make sure the image doesn’t have any object obstructing the view. Also, make sure the lighting is not too intense nor to low. Again, if there is any problem with the image, we will contact you and give you instructions on what we need in order to give you the best quality product.
If you have followed our recommendations for the photos, it is likely that your photo will be good enough to be used.
*Make sure the photo was taken with good lighting (daylight and outdoors is the best).
*Make sure the photo is not blurry and has high resolution.
*Make sure that none of the characteristics (like the ears!) is out of frame; we are not able to fix them if they are not in the original photo.
*Make sure the hair color in the photo is not changed due to bad lighting. If the haircoat color in the photo is not as the original one, the color of the design won’t be either.
*Make sure that in the image all the parts of your pet’s head appear. If the ears are cut-off, in the portrait they will also be cut-off.
To guarantee the quality of your product, send original photos, don’t use screenshots, cut out photos, etc.
We conduct a photographic verification for each new order we receive and we will send you an email if we need a different one, but please make sure to upload the best photo you have since the beginning. If we need a different photo to the uploaded one, this might prolong the delivery time for a few days. Note that if you can’t give us a replacement after we have notified you that the original photo might not become a masterpiece in the quality canvas, we will not be able to reimburse you. It is your responsibility to make sure you are satisfied with the photo you give us.
Please take into consideration that it is the client’s responsibility to provide a high quality photo and although we review the orders, it is not our responsibility to recommend you a better photo. Low quality photos will not translate into high specification designs as the ones shown on the website. All our website examples have been created with high quality photos.

Can you modify/adapt the portrait?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can modify or adapt the portraits based on your specific desires, like for example, adding a hat or deleting something from the portrait.

What kind of background should I use for the photograph?
Don’t worry if there are lots of things in the background. Obviously it is better if it’s a clear and clean background but don’t get to obsessed about it! The background doesn’t play such an important role, it really doesn’t make that big of a difference. Our artists can resolve the majority of problems related to the backgrounds, but it will be better if the background has no movement.

Can I change the photo after placing the order?
Unfortunately no, our artists start working in each portrait as soon as possible and therefore, we cannot offer this service.

Can I see a preview of my artwork before I receive it?
Generally we don’t send you the graphics before printing because the majority of our clients are satisfied with the purchase; however, if you wish to see a preview of the graphics, we can send reviews of the graphics only to the clients that acquire the design approval.
The purchase of an artwork review will allow you to see the artwork once it is completed and then approve and request changes so it looks exactly as you wanted.
Remember this choice implies a delay in the production and deliver of your order.

Do you create portraits of other animals that are not dogs?
We can design any pet you wish, in any product you prefer.

How do you elaborate the portraits?
We use techniques that perfectly mimic the artworks.
We don’t paint from scratch. We are a digital design studio and we use a series of digital techniques developed internally to edit your photo, as well as a series of complex brushstrokes and fusion procedures to transform your pet’s original photo in a fantastic portrait.

How can I know the dimensions of the collar size?
Simply use a flexible measuring tape as it will allow you to obtain a more precise measurement. Measure the circumference of the dog’s neck, not of another collar.