Celebrate Christmas with your dog

There are many ways to allow your dog to participate in the family fun during Christmas without bothering them too much, here are some tips and ideas about how to spend this time of the year.

Home decoration

Start a little earlier and decorate your home step by step so it doesn’t change all at once. This way, you will be able to learn which decorations can attract your dog.

Dress for the occasion

During holidays we like to have a particular dressing code, maybe more elegant or redder than usual. This can also be your dog’s case: if they are used to wearing a collar, you can temporarily replace it with a red or tartan ribbon. Also, if during the coldest days you wear a coat to go out, you can have a whim adding some details or buying one Christmas themed.

Santa’s four-legged helper

Taking advantage of the relational game and a little of preventive training, your dog could give a hand at the moment of gift exchange. Remember to reward them when they execute the command and you’ll see how much fun they’ll have doing it. In the same way, you can make them get used to leaving something they have picked up with their mouth and does not want to let it go.


Holidays are an opportunity to see friends and family but not all can please your friend. Make sure the guests respect your dog and their spaces and stablish rules specially in the table: it is not allowed to feed them human food unless you approve it. Remember that food is one of the main domestic hazards for man’s best friend. For more information, read our article.


The pup will not always be the life and soul of the party, on occasions they will need to rest of the confusion of the family members, of the children’s games or the twinkle of the decorations. Make sure they have a quiet space only for them that includes something soft to lay down on, a toy and always water available.

Christmas candies for dogs

Making delicious Christmas candies for your dog will be fun and tasting it will be one of their favorite activities. There are lots of recipes, we share this one for you to enjoy with your dog:


  • 140 grams of whole wheat flour
  • Half red apple
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • 1 little package of beer yeast
  • Warm water


Chop the apple and add the flour, then the honey, the cinnamon, the beer yeast and a bowl of warm water.

Once you have a soft dough, extend with a roller and shape the cookies like bones, Christmas tree, star, etc. but take into consideration your dog’s mouth size.

Bake until golden. The smell of cinnamon is perfect to create a party ambience.

Go outs, excursions and Christmas trips

When planning your Christmas holidays, also include your furry friend. Whether it is a visit to friends or family, an out-of-town excursion or a trip for a couple of days, make sure to find the ideal solution for your pet also, it can be either bringing them with you, leaving them for a couple of hours at home only or leaving them with a third party. If you have a well-behaved dog, you can also take them Christmas shopping without forgetting their water bowl and bags to pick up their feces.

Be conscious of Christmas Dangers

Unfortunately, Christmas, as any holiday, can hide hazards for your furry friend. We will get into related themes of this time of the year later on.

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