The Doggo: how to understand what our dog is telling us. Lesson 2

We have seen how dogs communicated with us thanks to their body, but sometimes you only have to see their “face” to understand what they want to tell us, especially if we observe the position of their ears and mouth.

In general, all dogs like to be scratched behind the ears, along the jaw up to the chin but it must be specified that the dog's ears depend on the breed and therefore are distinguished by shape, length, with more or less long hair or a certain color. Furthermore, what unites them is the extreme sensitivity and expressiveness because the way they move them communicates the same emotions.

Now let’s take a look at the principle positions in which dogs move their ears and what they want to communicate.

VERY STRAIGHT AND FIRM EARS: our friends are communicating their domineering and conscientious attitude so pay attention on the way you present yourself especially if they are foreign animals.

EARS PUSHED FORWARD: The dog is defiant and is ready to attack. Generally, they furrow their nose and show their teeth looking directly at their enemy. Do not touch them or you have a risk of being bitten!

STRAIGHT EARS AND SLIGHLTY FORWARD: the dogs are aware of what they have in front of them or they are doing something new for the first time. If they are extremely concentrated they will first bow their head to one side and then to the other.

EARS BACKWARDS: Precise sign that indicated fear, very often dogs put their tails between their legs, put their head down and close their eyes if they are being scolded due to a mischief and submits.

RELAXED EARS: The dog is happy and comfortable.

EARS THAT JERK BACK AND FORTH: our furry friends are undecided and try to understand what is happening or what their being asked. Have a little patience so you don’t put them in trouble.

As for the mouth, dogs obviously cannot reproduce the human expressions, but still they get to show how they are feeling in that moment.

RELAXED AND OPEN MOUTH: Usually, the tongue is visible and this could be equal to a human smile and it means the dog is calm.

SEMI-CLOSED MOUTH WITH CURVED LIPS: dogs are threatening and warning you to stay away from them, they may show their teeth; it is a warning that they don’t like your behavior.

OPEN MOUTH AND CURLED NOSE: dogs show their teeth a lot and it is a clear sign of threat, sometimes because they are scared and thinking on attacking. If you find yourself in this situation, back up without turning around and run away.

CONTINUOUS YAWNING: Yawning expresses a state of anxiety and irritability.

We have given you some advises to understand your dogs better or what to do if you find yourself with dogs you don’t know so you don’t get an unwanted bite.

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