Digital art file for approval

VAT included

This additional service will allow you to receive a file of the digital drawing of the artist before it is printed in the chosen products.
You can approve the design and it will be sent for printing, or you may make suggestions that shall be made within 24 hours and then they will be sent again for approval. We know that many of you want this product to be the perfect gift and that is why we provide this backup service.

How to order:
Just add to your cart before paying.
We will send a digital art file ready for its approval/suggestions.
Then we will make the necessary changes and will show you the modified design.
The drawing will be sent to print.


  Do you have any doubts about the photo to upload?

Click here and consult our guide!

Use a clear photo without objects blocking the complete view and make sure the lighting is adequate. The quality of the photo directly affects the portrait’s result, so make sure that your photo is of high quality. If you are not sure, check out our photography guide page.