Paw Necklace and Earring Set

VAT included

Make sure your furry friend always follows you, to work or when going out:

always bring with you his/her paw with the necklace and earrings set.


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Material: Stainless steel metal.
Coating: silvery, soft brightness, it doesn’t stain over time, it’s not allergenic
Dimensions: necklace: 15 mm x 14 mm, earrings: 10 mm x 10 mm

Jewelry maintenance and protection .

1. Don’t use jewelry while sleeping. You often have to replace the jewels.

Avoid the use for long periods pf time, especially in the hot summer.

2. Please don’t touch chemical products, otherwise the jewelry will erode.

3. Please do not use them while showering or swimming. Jewelry can damage and their brightness will be affected.

4. A frequent cleaning is required. Use a soft cloth to clean the accessory’s surface and eliminate the superficial spots.

5. They are not real gold or silver products and the fade away slowly and for that reason if you keep them clean, they will last longer.